Learn to dance - ENGLISH

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Learn a dance in 12 full body hula dance workouts.

Not so familiar with the hula hoop yet? Or would you like some more hula hooping tips to move even smoother with your fitness hula hoop? These 12 full body dance workouts will help you improve your hula hooping skills while working on a tighter stomach and a stronger, fitter and more flexible body.

Sarah will guide you from start to finish, step by step. So that after the 12 lessons you are able to perform a complete dance. Each dance workout consists of different hula hoop exercises and muscle strengthening bodyweight exercises.

Are you able to hula hoop for 10 minutes in a row? Than click on play and take on the challenge!

  • Improve your balance, coordination, fitness and muscle strength
  • Train your brain and at the same time create killerabs
  • Feel fitter, more energetic and radiant

Dancing with the hula hoop challenges you both physically and mentally.

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